4000 Series

A Look at the John Deere 870G LC: The Largest John Deere...

John Deere ... from 500-4,000 hours make sure operators can spend less time under the hood and more time working on the project at hand. The machine’s LCD monitor allows operators track maintenance issues and stay on schedule. All G-Series...

John Deere 4000 Series

John Deere 4R Series vs. Kubota L6060 - Performance

Signet Launches New Tug for EN Bisso - MarineLink

On the morning of October 12, 2016, E. N. Bisso and Signet Shipbuilding & Repair (SS&R) Pascagoula, Miss., christened and launched E. N. Bisso’s newest high technology Robert Allan Ltd. McDonald, wife of Mr. William H. McDonald, President, E. N. Bisso, New Orleans, Louisiana, was the Christening Sponsor. Bisso is proud to add the GLADYS B to our growing fleet of the most advanced, powerful, and maneuverable tugs on the Lower Mississippi River (LMR). Upon delivery, ocean going vessels calling on the LMR will immediately begin enjoying the benefits that the GLADYS B will provide. The craftsmanship and attention to quality of the highest standards by Signet Shipbuilding leaves no doubt that she will serve our company well for decades to come,” said McDonald during the vessel’s christening. “She is named for the wife of the Founder of the Company in 1946, Captain Edwin Napoleon Bisso. This powerful steel titan will serve her Owner well. Built in America, Built by Americans and Built for Progress. She will soon be known in Louisiana as the Maserati of the River,” said Signet President, Mr. J. Barry Snyder.

Buyer's guide: John Deere 7530 tractor - FG Insight

John Deere’s 7530 tractor was introduced in 2006, to extend the upper reaches of the 6000-series full frame tractor range into the 200hp bracket. The Mannheim-built 7530, and the less powerful and lesser-spotted 7430, bridged a gap between the popular JD6930 and new Waterloo-built 7730, 7830 and 7930 tractors, which replaced 8. 1-litre 7020-series models. And with average tractor power creeping ever higher, the appeal of a secondhand lightweight 180-200hp tractor cannot be over-looked. Importantly, the 7530 offered a power to weight ratio of 30kg/hp, and with its elongated wheelbase and tougher rear-end from the 7010-series, it had the ability to wear 42in tyres and pack a 385-litre fuel tank. At last, Deere had a lightweight, high-power offering which could meet demand for a variety of field and transport duties. Software and subtle engine design changes were claimed to push power up by about 5hp, while fuel consumption was reduced by 2-3 per cent, helping to extend the model’s longevity until 7R models.