8000 Series

The Very Last 60 Series Tractor Made by Deere

The 8000 was a totally new concept in all respects ... 1994…feels like longer ago looking at the picture, doesn’t it? So the very last 60 Series tractor John Deere ever made, right alongside the last Serial No. 4960 made. Quite an historic...

John Deere 8000 Series

John Deere 8000 Traktoren Werbung

How to Acquire Tech-Savvy Employees - agprofessional.com

A couple of years ago, John Deere CEO Sam Allen memorably quipped: “Most people don't realize that one of our 8000 Series tractors has more computing power on it than the first space shuttle. The average farm worker makes less than $11 per hour, according to USDA’s Economic Research Service. Yet workers are sometimes asked to operate expensive, sophisticated equipment. With the flood of new agtech making its way to market every year, farm workers likely will need to master an increasingly tech-savvy skillset in the future. That requires a bit of crystal-ball gazing, says Dwight Koops, vice president of Crop Quest. “How do you hire people for stuff that hasn’t even been invented yet. ” Koops says. His Kansas-based full-service ag consulting firm has eight precision ag specialists on staff. His simple solution—hire the right people—is easier said than done, he admits. When farmers look for tech-savvy employees, he says, the mindset of prospective workers is just as important as their skillset.

John Deere Tractor 8000 Series - 136 to 191kW (185

John Deere 850K and 1050K Crawler Dozers Win Esteemed Red Dot Design Award - Construction Equipment Guide

The John Deere 850K and 1050K Crawler Dozers impressed a jury of independent design specialists from 41 countries, and took home the 2016 Red Dot Award – one of the world's largest and most distinguished design accolades. In collaboration with BMW Group subsidiary Designworks, John Deere developed an industrial design language on the 850K and 1050K that delivered a consistent aesthetic to the entire dozer family. “We are incredibly humbled to receive such prestigious recognition from these experts in the industrial design industry,” said Doug Meyer, global director construction engineering. “The award underscores the hard work of the John Deere team and our partners to deliver strong, durable machinery that helps our customers achieve outstanding results. The John Deere 850K Crawler Dozer boasts more power and weight for increased productivity and an EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage IV diesel engine for work in non-attainment areas. Deere included equipment owners and operators from the beginning of the design process to develop optimal solutions for the updated 850K Crawler Dozer.

John Deere 8000 Series Large Tractors